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The Many Faces of Loss and Grief

Autumn Colors is more than a novel. It’s a study of loss, and how people deal with loss. Loss is universal, regardless of age or life condition. There’s Kerry, the main character, whose whole life seems to be about losses … Continue reading

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I’ve been meeting with book clubs and doing signings since the release of Autumn Colors. A question that comes up repeatedly when I tell groups that the story is based on a real life experience is “why did you not … Continue reading

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I’ve been talking with a dear friend recently about “getting over” and “moving on” from the loss of a loved one. Specifically, we discussed the expectations of others on how long it’s reasonable to grieve. Let me start by saying … Continue reading

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Why Self-Published Books “Get No Respect”

Well, for starters, some of them are just plain awful. Although many writers have good stories to tell, they often make two errors: 1) they don’t hone their writing skills through courses, conferences and reading; and 2) they fail to … Continue reading

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HIV and AIDS – Still Thriving After All These Years

I’m often asked what motivated me to include Hilary and George, a young married couple with AIDS, in the mix of characters in my novel, Autumn Colors. It wasn’t something I planned at the outset of the story. But it … Continue reading

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Kirkus Review for Autumn Colors

Just had to brag a little. When Autumn Colors was published, my dream was to have a review by the likes of Kirkus or Publishers Weekly. I sent copies to them last fall, but never heard anything. Until today! The … Continue reading

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The year was 2002. It was significant in a number of ways. My husband, Dennis, retired from his career of over three decades. We were building our dream retirement home, a log house on water in the Adirondacks. It also … Continue reading

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