FOUR WEEKS TO LAUNCH!   STAR CATCHING is speeding toward the launch pad!

I received word late last week that the paperback copies of STAR CATCHING will be ready in time for the Chronicle Book Fair on November 6. (The e-books will follow a couple weeks later.) Former Troy High School classmate Gloria Waldron Hukle and I will be debuting our new books at that venue. Gloria’s book is Souls of the Soil. Of course, mine is Star Catching. Check out the flyer that we created for inclusion in the Chronicle’s Book Fair edition and as a sign at our table:


Next week: latest activity and excerpt!


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Kindle Unlimited vs. the Naysayers #PoweredByIndie


KINDLE UNLIMITED: CURRENT STATUS Back in January, Kindle Unlimited had taken a little dip (which happens every holiday season), and the naysayer propaganda was in full force. It’s now October…

Source: Kindle Unlimited vs. the Naysayers #PoweredByIndie

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Rocket launch

Three…two…one…LIFT OFF!

In less than one month my newest novel, Star Catching, will make its debut! Early copies will go out to friends and editors who helped make it what it is:

A family struck by tragedy is forced to rebuild their lives around a new mold. . . .

And on November 6 I will be at the Chronicle Book Fair to showcase the book for the first time.

In the coming weeks I will provide glimpses into the making of final product, along with some excerpts, culminating with a peek at the story line and eventually the cover image. At the end of this time I will tell you how you can purchase it, and opportunities for signed paperback copies.

Comet background.

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7 Unmissable Insider Secrets to Achieving Best Selling Status on Amazon

Thanks to Laurence O’Bryan for these secrets to being a best seller on Amazon!

August 3, 2015 5 Comments

amazon-best-sellerThese are the secrets to becoming a top 10, or even #1 bestselling author on Amazon. They rely on your having written a work of quality, which will be of interest to a lot of people.

1. Work your promotion hard in the days leading up to your launch. Have buyers ready and build genuine anticipation. Tell people what they are going to get. Be genuinely excited about your launch. This is your moment.

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FINDING YOUR RSS ADDRESS: Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

To clarify, I’m talking about this dog:  dawn6 (4)

…not this one:016-copy

AND I’m talking about finally learning what RSS is and how to find mine.

I admit that when I was taking Blogging 101 earlier in this year, I aimed to learn only the basics, what I needed to jumpstart my existing blog and make it more appealing. But a lot of water has flowed under that bridge since then. More than once (okay, LOTS more than once) I was somewhere on some site in cyberspace that wanted my RSS address, so that my blog site could be linked to some other site. I made some attempts to figure out what the heck that was and where mine was, but it always eluded me. It seemed to be a big secret that only REAL computer people were allowed to know.

So fast forward to this morning, when I was updating my Amazon Author Page (amazon.com/author/dawnlajeunesse ) and I discovered that I could link that page to my blog…IF…I entered my blog RSS address. Ugh. In a rare moment of high motivation to create this link, I went hunting.

Turns out, there are lots of articles out there that tell you not only WHAT the RSS is, but how to find the address you need to create the link. I used one by A Weber Communications posted June 21, 2016. It was easy to follow, and I found my RSS address immediately. After months of frustration and lost opportunities.

But now I know. Hear my happy bark – ARF! ARF!

Happy active dog playing and jumping at spring park

Jack Russell Terrier jumping high


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International Reading Year!


( There is nothing official about this, but at this blog, I am declaring that this whole year from September 6, 2016 to September 6, 2017 is International Reading Year! Care to join me and spread t…

Source: International Reading Year!

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New Historical Fiction!


I’m excited to share with you the upcoming release of Gloria Waldron Hukle’s newest book and final piece of the “American Waldron Book Series” on October 11, 2o16!sots_bk_cvr_only-jpeg

“Souls of the Soil” is one tale within another; a contemporary novel that questions the meaning of reality converges with well-researched historical fiction, the whole body of the book inspired by an actual murder in Upstate New York in the year 1756 during the French and Indian War and the discovery of a local family cemetery plot centuries later.

But Gloria Waldron Hukle’s final slice of her “American Waldron Book Series” opens long before blood drips from the blade of a sharpened rusty bayonet.

The lives of two sets of fathers and sons, all four of whom share the same DNA, crisscross between centuries in this last of the four book series that began a decade ago with “Manhattan: Seeds of the Big Apple.”

“Souls of the Soil” starts in the year 1679 as Cornelius Vandenberg, a badly burnt, disheartened Dutch immigrant farmer living on Papscanee Island near Albany, laments his loss of everything. It is November on the crystal covered, scorched fertile land, long held sacred by the indigenous peoples. As the fire smolders, the angry immigrant wonders how he can go forward.

Thus begins the never-ending quest for happiness and meaning, the trek continuing many centuries and generations later in 2014 with the reconciliation of family members brought together by the unexpected death of a close friend.

Further information visit: www.authorgloriawaldronhukle.com. The book also can be pre-purchased at her daughter’s secure business website: http://www.heavenlyhollowdist.com by clicking on the book image on the first page of the site.



Gloria Waldron Hukle and her daughter, Julie:

Book Debut and Author Presentation 7:30 October 11th at Sand Lake Town Hall, Sand Lake, New York.

November 6th Hukle joins dozens of east coast authors at the Chronicle Book Fair, Queensbury Hotel, Glens Falls, New York. (11 till 3 in the afternoon)

November 13th A special presentation and signing with the Albany Dutch Settlers Society, Schuyler Meadows Country Club, Albany, New York.

November 15th Hukle will present at Hudson Valley Community College (Creative Retirement Class). Check local newspapers.

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