The writer’s rollercoaster

I found this post by Sue Vincent to be interesting, entertaining, and all too familiar. I thought some of you could relate to it also!


I recently came into contact with a writer. Nothing unusual about that around here, but this wasn’t through blogging or any of the usual channels. We talked for a while, establishing that the…

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Statistics Writers Should Know

Once again, Jane Friedman has provided valuable information for writers and their marketing priorities. Read it here:

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Old woman looks disapprovingly over spectacles at camera

I started my blog – and followed other blogs – for all things writing and book related. I’ve enjoyed bloggers’ poetry, narrative writing, and photography. I’ve learned much from the ruminations of bloggers I’ve followed – new insights about writing, ideas for marketing, updates on the publishing world. Along the way, I’ve felt closer to many of you when you shared personal experiences, both the positives and the negatives. I haven’t always agreed with a post’s slant on life, but I’m open to fresh perspectives.

To a point. . . .

Recently, some of you may have noticed (or not) that I have stopped following your blogs. There probably will be more as time goes on. The reason is narrowly focused: I did NOT follow your blog to read hatred, negativity, and extreme political views.

There is so much venom spewed in the press, on TV, and on line. I don’t want it to spill over into my writing time (I include blogging, both reading and writing, in that block of time). Because of the extremes of viewpoints, I don’t wish to share my personal views. If I’m a liberal, I don’t want to be deemed a Snowflake. If I’m conservative, I don’t want to be called a deplorable or a racist. I’m offended by both narrow assignments of individual personal or political viewpoints. And I don’t want to waste my time away from the negativity of the world around me reading more negativity.

I am an American. I am a writer. I am a reader. I am a dog lover (cats are okay, too). I’m a knitter. I’m a skier/snowshoer, boater, canoer. I’m a living, breathing person in a free country. I form my own reactions and opinions about anything going on around me, including in the political sphere.

Read and relax

But when I’m in my writing time, I’m just a writer and a reader. I don’t want any of that tainted by leftist or rightist extremism. I don’t want my writing time tainted by anything that isn’t directly related to the creative arts and how to make my way in that world. I will unfollow any blogger who spews hatred. I will block or ignore extremist friends on Facebook. I will unfollow any Twitter connections who tweet extreme points of view.

Extremism never led to anything good in the world. Check your history books. I wish we could learn to listen to each other, even debate – but without venom.

But until we return to civility, I will control what I have to read or hear.



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Exhibiting at Book Expo

Here is an insightful perspective on whether or not self-published authors should spend their promo money to exhibit at Book Expo – worth a read!

Authors: Think Twice Before Paying to Exhibit at Book Expo (BEA) by Jane Friedman

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The Divided States of America

I generally steer away from any political posts, but this one struck me as so reasonable, I felt compelled. Finally, a voice of reason. When did we as a country start viewing different opinions as good or bad, rather than just opinions? The extremism on both sides, but most visibly with the Democrats as they have moved farther left bordering on socialism (I can say that because, as a lifelong Democrat, I feel like the party deserted me and voices of reason/reality everywhere) scares me. Paid violent demonstrators terrify me. It all seems so out of control. When did we stop listening to each other?

Thank you to Cristian Mihai for this:

I just watched a video of Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, Congresswoman Suzan DelBene, and others voicing their outrage at President Trump’s ban of immigrants, refugees and travelers from sel…

Source: The Divided States of America

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Consider the Kindle Scout Opportunity


Kindle Scout is a service of Amazon that I knew virtually nothing about until reading this guest post on Jane Friedman’s blog. The concept is hopeful for many writers, but be sure to read the whole post to learn about both the pros AND the cons of this approach to publishing.


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heaven Book - 3D illustration

Jane Friedman’s latest blog post discusses an e-book distribution option for those of you who try to keep up with the ever-changing indie market options.

Do you remember the digital publishing startups Vook? Booklr? Byliner?

All of these services/companies have been folded into an e-book distribution service known as Pronoun, which was launched in fall 2015 and later acquired by Big Five publisher Macmillan.

Go to to read the article!

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