Camp Yowochas – Sleepy Hollow

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2 Responses to Camp Yowochas – Sleepy Hollow

  1. Louise Engel says:

    I was there! My sisters and I are in this picture—the Klotz triplets!
    We loved this camp!

    Louise Engel


    • I remember you all! Somewhere in old photo albums we probably have other pictures! I usually was with my cousin Lorraine Essegian. We loved the camp, too! Lots of great memories. Lorraine and I drove out to the property about 15 years ago (before it was purchased and developed). All the wood structures were still there, including the main lodge. The gray buildings, I’ve learned, were made with asbestos sheets and had to be torn down:-). But we “broke into” (the weren’t locked) all of the buildings and savored the memories. The floor in the main lodge was a bit shaky, so we just peeked in there. But all of the other remaining structures were exactly as we remembered. Hilltop had numerous “messages” carved into the wood walls with a lot of familiar names. So glad you found the post!


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