The Journey Begins for “Journey”

I bit the bullet and started searching for an agent for Sentimental Journey.

Having done all my research previously and compiled an optimistic twenty selections to start with, I sent the first one out yesterday. And ten hours later received my first rejection. It “does not seem right for our list,” said the message from the agent’s assistant. I really had done my homework, and thought it was similar to other books they’ve represented. But what do I know? Here we go again.

So this morning I sent email queries to the next five agents on my list, varying contents from just the letter, to five pages, synopsis for two, and one requesting synopsis plus 3 chapters, depending on what their website specified.

Time will tell how long before I collect additional rejections. No, scratch that – too negative. As Liza Minelli sings, “Maybe this time, I’ll be lucky….”

About Dawn Essegian Lajeunesse

I, like so many others, am a novelist struggling for recognition. My newest novel, THE EYES HAVE IT, is available on Amazon in Kindle version. My other novels, IN HER MOTHER'S SHOES and STAR CATCHING, also are available in e-book format through Amazon and other formats by request here or on my website. AUTUMN COLORS was my first novel and is still available through Amazon and B&N in multiple formats. My early writings are women's fiction, also suitable for YA. My work-in-progress is a historical fiction. Come visit me at my website:
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2 Responses to The Journey Begins for “Journey”

  1. SandySays1 says:

    Don’t be discouraged if you get deluged with R’s. My human is a writer, been at it 17 years, has enough rejections to paper a house with, and has just recently began to get published. Endeavor to persevere!


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