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I haven’t been this blown away by a book since the Steig Larson trilogy. Maybe it was because I don’t usually choose books in the fantasy/sci fi genre. Maybe my expectations were low, as they often are with self-published books (as … Continue reading

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Do yourself a favor and Check out Iona Portal

Do yourself a favor Check out Iona Portal by Robert David MacNeil.

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This and That

So I woke this morning feeling distinctly incomplete – or rather, I felt that my most recent blog post wasn’t enough to carry me through the weekend. So I was lying in bed in that “I’m awake but not enough … Continue reading

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Balancing Your Day Job With Building Your Author Platform (and living the rest of your life)

If your image of yourself includes that you are a writer, then you must write. Ah, if only it could be as easy as it sounds. The reality is, no matter what our self-image, the bills must be paid and … Continue reading

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