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In my last post I talked about personal discipline as the key to getting your goals accomplished. I’m a pretty driven, eye-on-the-target kind of person, and I really did believe that – if I organized better, set priorities and held … Continue reading

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I’m going to digress from my usual writing related topics today to talk about an observation of a self-destructive behavior or set of behaviors that some people exhibit. Life is not consistently easy or pleasant. In fact, it can be … Continue reading

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Well, it’s official – I didn’t get laid off from my full time job, so I need to bite the bullet and find a way to deal with working another 3-4 years while continuing my pursuit of publication that pays. … Continue reading

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When is it time to admit to yourself that you’ll never make a living as a fiction writer? When should you abandon your lifelong dream? When does the cost of pursuing that illusion become too high when the benefits are … Continue reading

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Balancing Your Day Job With Building Your Author Platform (and living the rest of your life)

If your image of yourself includes that you are a writer, then you must write. Ah, if only it could be as easy as it sounds. The reality is, no matter what our self-image, the bills must be paid and … Continue reading

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Stress Management Ruminations

I want to do it all!  I expected the past week to be tough , but it got tougher. I knew I had to go to NYC for my full time job for three days. I don’t like to give … Continue reading

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