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It’s all about the writing. Excuses don’t cut it if you are serious about your writing goals. Whining won’t get the words onto the paper. Taking your dog for a walk doesn’t take all day, and still leaves time for … Continue reading

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The Long Road to a Finished Novel

I’ve posted a few times about the completion of the first draft of my third novel, currently titled Gram & Me. I had high hopes of editing and polishing and maybe even securing an agent by this summer. Many revisions later, … Continue reading

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Greetings from frigid upstate New York! This weekend we are anticipating Minus 40 degrees with wind chill! The Good News: I guess you might say I’ve learned something about my lifestyle over the past six weeks. The Bad News: I … Continue reading

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Another Year, Another Round of Rejections

No writer likes to receive rejections. Anyone who has been following my blog for a while knows I’ve been trying for months to find an agent who would say “yes” to In Her Mother’s Shoes. By Christmas I was reaching the … Continue reading

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Moving On – I Write Because…

No one could ever accuse me of giving up easily. Having worked through my entire list of agents by the holidays, I was ready to throw in the towel with the stream of rejections. Then I received one that gave … Continue reading

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I feel a bit like the little girl who didn’t find what she wanted under the tree on Christmas morning. But I’m not a little girl. So what does a big girl do when she can’t have what she really … Continue reading

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Well, it’s official – I didn’t get laid off from my full time job, so I need to bite the bullet and find a way to deal with working another 3-4 years while continuing my pursuit of publication that pays. … Continue reading

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