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It’s all about the writing. Excuses don’t cut it if you are serious about your writing goals. Whining won’t get the words onto the paper. Taking your dog for a walk doesn’t take all day, and still leaves time for … Continue reading

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The Long Road to a Finished Novel

I’ve posted a few times about the completion of the first draft of my third novel, currently titled Gram & Me. I had high hopes of editing and polishing and maybe even securing an agent by this summer. Many revisions later, … Continue reading

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Greetings from frigid upstate New York! This weekend we are anticipating Minus 40 degrees with wind chill! The Good News: I guess you might say I’ve learned something about my lifestyle over the past six weeks. The Bad News: I … Continue reading

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Another Year, Another Round of Rejections

No writer likes to receive rejections. Anyone who has been following my blog for a while knows I’ve been trying for months to find an agent who would say “yes” to In Her Mother’s Shoes. By Christmas I was reaching the … Continue reading

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Moving On – I Write Because…

No one could ever accuse me of giving up easily. Having worked through my entire list of agents by the holidays, I was ready to throw in the towel with the stream of rejections. Then I received one that gave … Continue reading

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I feel a bit like the little girl who didn’t find what she wanted under the tree on Christmas morning. But I’m not a little girl. So what does a big girl do when she can’t have what she really … Continue reading

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Well, it’s official – I didn’t get laid off from my full time job, so I need to bite the bullet and find a way to deal with working another 3-4 years while continuing my pursuit of publication that pays. … Continue reading

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Scaling Author Mountain – Part Two

So let’s assume you’re not one of the lucky few who gets swept up into the arms of an effective agent and generous publisher. You’ve been sending your queries and the occasional manuscript out to every  agency or publishing house … Continue reading

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Stress Management Ruminations

I want to do it all!  I expected the past week to be tough , but it got tougher. I knew I had to go to NYC for my full time job for three days. I don’t like to give … Continue reading

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