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Way back in March, when we were trying hard to say good-bye to winter and welcome the warmer months, I announced the completion of my third novel. The title then was Gram and Me. Fast forward past spring and summer, after … Continue reading

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The Long Road to a Finished Novel

I’ve posted a few times about the completion of the first draft of my third novel, currently titled Gram & Me. I had high hopes of editing and polishing and maybe even securing an agent by this summer. Many revisions later, … Continue reading

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Literary Potholes in the Road

It has been nearly two months since my search for an agent or publisher began for Gram & Me. I have received 22 rejections, most of which were in response to a query letter only, or a query letter plus … Continue reading

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WHO’S ON FIRST? The Down Side of Having your Writing Critiqued

I’ve written several posts over the years on the value of having your work critiqued. And I still believe it is important to have objective readers—particularly those who are in the publishing industry and understand what agents and publishers are … Continue reading

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Drawing a Blank Can Be A Good Thing

Better than a destructive, bridge-burning eruption! In early 2015 I wrote about the value of having multiple impartial parties critique and edit your writing. You, as the writer, are too close to see your writing clearly. At the time, I had just … Continue reading

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Some of you may recall a recent post of mine when I described my experience with a scathing critique of my newly completed novel. And actually deep-sixed the novel since it seemed unredeemable, based on the extent of the criticisms. … Continue reading

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In my last post I talked about the value of multiple eyes on your writing. I’ve always believed in the importance of objectivity to assess a creative work, because the creator is too close to see it clearly. When I … Continue reading

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No, I’m not describing a creature with lots of eyes. I’m talking about the importance of having multiple people view your manuscript before you consider it ready to shop for an agent or publish it yourself. Maybe I’m stating the … Continue reading

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I somehow let the past two weeks slip by without posting anything. The good news is, I’ve been busy in a positive way! I haven’t received the galley of In Her Mother’s Shoes, but I did receive the final format, … Continue reading

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I have been negligent in my postings! Between being very busy with my full time job and, for the past two weeks, being on my first real vacation in many years, it just hasn’t fit into my schedule. My apologies … Continue reading

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