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FINDING YOUR RSS ADDRESS: Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

To clarify, I’m talking about this dog:  …not this one: AND I’m talking about finally learning what RSS is and how to find mine. I admit that when I was taking Blogging 101 earlier in this year, I aimed to … Continue reading

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Ah, March 1st. Never has a winter flown by like this one. Credit the mild weather. And a very busy few months. Most of the month of February was consumed by daily assignments for the Blogging 101 course, an experience … Continue reading

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I’ve been asking myself the question “Where did the time go?” for the past several days. I know the answer. I just don’t like it. And I don’t know how to control it. Take this morning, for example. I planned to … Continue reading

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Drawing a Blank Can Be A Good Thing

Better than a destructive, bridge-burning eruption! In early 2015 I wrote about the value of having multiple impartial parties critique and edit your writing. You, as the writer, are too close to see your writing clearly. At the time, I had just … Continue reading

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Studies have shown that people who take periodic vacations – and give themselves permission to leave work behind during those vacations – are more productive than people who slog along no matter how tired or fried they are. That doesn’t … Continue reading

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Seems like an odd combination of words for a title, huh? Read on and you will understand. True confession: I am technologically challenged. I can do basics…very basics, that is. My husband even thinks I am a computer wiz. But … Continue reading

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Survival Tips for a Pandemic, aka Zombies.

Source: Survival Tips for a Pandemic, aka Zombies. We all do a certain amount of skimming across blog sites and  internet sites – who has time (or reads fast enough) to read every site you hit on? That said, it … Continue reading

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Winning the attention of a well-connected agent and major publisher—AND having your novel viewed by the publisher as worthy of considerable investment—isn’t just about writing a good story. That’s part of it (unless you are a celebrity, which automatically propels … Continue reading

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