I’ve been asking myself the question “Where did the time go?” for the past several days. I know the answer. I just don’t like it. And I don’t know how to control it.

Take this morning, for example. I planned to make quick work of reading blogs and doing the day’s Blogging 101 assignment. Then I planned to dive back into my revisions and rewrites on Gram & Me that I started Sunday. With 212 pages to review and revise, I’m not even close to done. Still, what I did Sunday was very satisfying.

Time Flies

I was finishing up the last of the blog-related work when a big K warning appeared on my screen. It seemed my Kaspersky security coverage expired today. Groan. I never received any warning. And these days you can’t afford to be without computer security. So I took a deep breath and went looking for my password. What? I didn’t save it? So then I rummaged through my “computer stuff” drawer and found the original Kaspersky CD – with the password! I confidently signed in to My Kaspersky and promptly received an error notice. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong, so I got on the phone to their tech number. Turns out, the coverage I purchased when I bought my current computer was tied to my Geek Squad membership, which I let expire because the renewal was so outrageous and I hadn’t used it in the year I had it. So of course I had to buy a new coverage package. Long story short, the program loaded but would not let me sign in – again, another obnoxious error message, my password (that was sent to me with the activation number) was incorrect. Back to the phone. Alas, the Kaspersky system wasn’t working, the tech told me, and they would have to put in a work order – for which I received an email confirmation. Fifteen minutes later, I received another email saying they were awaiting customer reply. I responded: reply to what? I’m waiting for your direction! It’s been almost two hours and I’ve not heard again.

In the meantime, I’ve responded to more emails and read a few more blogs, thinking I was marking time until my Kaspersky response arrived. I didn’t expect it to be long, so I didn’t want to immerse myself in writing (where I enter a different dimension) and have to pull back to take care of this.

I could, I guess, just walk away from the computer and leave security until tomorrow. But I worry – what if they send me another email requiring action and I’m not there to respond. Will they put me into a queue of non-responders again? Will a virus attack my computer while I’m awaiting security coverage? Will they cancel my coverage because I didn’t complete the installment process, and I’ll have to start all over again when I come back to it? Bla-a-a-a-a-a-ah!!!!

And now it is mid-afternoon. My productive writing time is between early morning and early afternoon. Should I just throw in the towel? Play a few games of solitaire to kill time and  hope that the Kaspersky dilemma will resolve itself? I took my dog out a couple times, with her looking at me as if to say “Again?”

How about penning another blog post?

And here we are. I feel much better now! (But I still haven’t heard from Kaspersky).

Hmm – maybe I’ll go play on FB or Twitter for a while. The writing day is shot anyway.

Tomorrow will be better. Oh, wait, I have a full day out of the house tomorrow. Maybe Thursday?

About Dawn Essegian Lajeunesse

I, like so many others, am a novelist struggling for recognition. My last three novels, THE EYES HAVE IT, IN HER MOTHER'S SHOES and STAR CATCHING, are available in e-book format through Amazon and other formats by request here or on my website. AUTUMN COLORS was my first novel and is still available through Amazon and B&N in multiple formats. My early writings are women's fiction, one also suitable for YA. My work-in-progress is a historical fiction about the Armenians who settled in Troy, NY in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Come visit me at my website: www.dawnlajeunesse.com.
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4 Responses to WHERE DID THE TIME GO?

  1. OH, Dawn, how funny! You just described my everyday! Being a full time student and freelancer, it is very hard for anyone to understand that, no, I am not available to be at your beck and call, because this is my job. Just because I do it in my house does not mean that I have three hours for a coffee break with you every morning. Of course I will help you do your taxes, but make an appointment please, ok? No, son, I don’t have time to run out to the job site because you forgot your lunch, but I’ll be there! Some days it seems I get more grunt work done than anything else, but it the grand scheme of things tomorrow is another day! Thanks for sharing yours with us!


  2. Blogging and commenting takes up entirely too much of my time, but I find it worthwhile!


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