A Haunted Love Story is a true accounting of a tragic love affair over sixty years ago shared by a man who, with his family, moved into a house reputed to be haunted. The author, Mark Spencer, is Dean of Arts and Humanities at the University of Arkansas at Monticello, and an award winning author. From the back of the book:

“According to local lore, the troubled spirit of society belle Ladelle Allen, who had mysteriously committed suicide in the master bedroom in 1948, still roamed the grand historic mansion. Yet, Mark remained skeptical – until he and his family began encountering faceless phantoms, a doppelganger spirit, and other paranormal phenomenons. Ensuing ghost investigations  offered convincing evidence that six spirits, including Ladell, inhabited their home. But the most shocking event occurred the day Mark followed a strange urge to explore the attic and found, crammed under a floorboard, secret love letters that touchingly depict Ladell Allen’s forbidden, heart-searing romance….”

The ending of Ladell’s story had already been written by the time Mark put pen to paper, but I found myself wishing for a different outcome as I followed her story and her heart.

A Haunted Love Story is tender, heartbreaking, and fascinating. Fiction and non-fiction preferences in reading are met satisfyingly, as the love affair and the “ghost-hunting” stories blend. It’s well worth the read, and available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

About Dawn Lajeunesse

I, like so many others, am a novelist struggling for recognition. MY NEW NOVEL, THE EYES HAVE IT, IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON AND B&N! In Her Mother's Shoes was published in June 2013 - available through Amazon, B&N and iPad, e-book (only $2.99!) as well as paperback. Autumn Colors was my first. My third novel, Star Catching, was released in November, 2016 and has been very well-received! My writings are mostly women's fiction, most also suitable for YA. My website is www.dawnlajeunesse.com. Come visit me there!
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