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Querulous Queries

Three weeks ago I began the process of querying agents for my new novel, Sentimental Journey. Before I started sending them, I heeded a lesson from my previous attempts to secure agents for Walking In Dreams, (a middle grade novel … Continue reading

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Write Tight – The Art and Skill of Efficient Writing

Whether you’re writing an article, a short story, or a book length fiction or non-fiction, your product consists of smaller pieces – paragraphs, sentences, phrases, clauses, words. The clarity and impact of your message depends on precise selection of words … Continue reading

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Why Self-Published Books “Get No Respect”

Well, for starters, some of them are just plain awful. Although many writers have good stories to tell, they often make two errors: 1) they don’t hone their writing skills through courses, conferences and reading; and 2) they fail to … Continue reading

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Scaling Author Mountain – Part Two

So let’s assume you’re not one of the lucky few who gets swept up into the arms of an effective agent and generous publisher. You’ve been sending your queries and the occasional manuscript out to every  agency or publishing house … Continue reading

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The Long and Winding Road to Publication

I was thrilled this weekend to receive the “final”pre-printing manuscript of my novel, Autumn Colors, for review and approval. The next step would take it to the printer and the book – review copies, at least – would be available … Continue reading

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