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Ha’/ee yern – I AM ARMENIAN

A generation before the Holocaust, there was the Armenian genocide. Never heard of it? You’re not alone. According to a display at the Armenian Museum in Watertown, MA, Hitler, discussing his plans to annihilate Poles and Jews, soothed his inner … Continue reading

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I grew up in a community of Armenians. Every block within a 4-5 block diameter contained multiple Armenian families, and at the center of it was the church. The groundbreaking for the first church was celebrated by the entire congregation. … Continue reading

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One of the lesser-known stories about the experience of Armenians during World War I, the period of the most aggressive extermination attempts by the Turks, was the formation of The Armenian Legion: 1916-1920. One of the women I interviewed spoke … Continue reading

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HA’/EE YEM!   A-ME-REE-GA-TSEE YEM! I am Armenian! I am American! [Scenes From the Armenian genocide (shaded due to graphic nature): Left-bodies prior to burning; Top right-public hangings; Bottom right-refugees boarding lifeboats at Smyrna] An internet video search of the … Continue reading

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