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In Search of The Right Agent

Ah, the long and winding road to agent representation. And people think running for President is tough?   A little background: my first two novels Autumn Colors and In Her Mother’s Shoes, were self-published because of my inability/failure to secure an … Continue reading

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The Key Book Publishing Paths: 2016

I have been following Jane Friedman’s blog for some time now, and have utilized many of her resources. Since 2013 she has been providing the latest must-know information about publishing options, updating annually. Yesterday she added 2016 to her series: … Continue reading

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When you finish a manuscript, the hard work is just beginning. I wrote last week about my experience with coming full circle with critiques and rewrites of my opening pages of Gram & Me. Three critiques, three resulting re-writes, and … Continue reading

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WHO’S ON FIRST? The Down Side of Having your Writing Critiqued

I’ve written several posts over the years on the value of having your work critiqued. And I still believe it is important to have objective readers—particularly those who are in the publishing industry and understand what agents and publishers are … Continue reading

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I’ve been working on Gram & Me for over two years. I thought, once I retired, that I’d pump out a new manuscript at least every year, if not every six months. I certainly have enough ideas to keep them … Continue reading

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There are so many opportunities out there for writers to hone their craft, learn about the publishing process or research topics of interest! Ever heard of Master Class? Through this website, high profile artists from many venues (writing, acting, photography, … Continue reading

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Targeting Genre for Big Sales

I’ve been following C.S.Lakin at LiveWriteThrive for several years now. I also hired her for a couple of critiques, and learned a humbling ton about how to write a stronger novel. Susanne is a staunch supporter of self-publishing, but as … Continue reading

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Ah, March 1st. Never has a winter flown by like this one. Credit the mild weather. And a very busy few months. Most of the month of February was consumed by daily assignments for the Blogging 101 course, an experience … Continue reading

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Studies have shown that people who take periodic vacations – and give themselves permission to leave work behind during those vacations – are more productive than people who slog along no matter how tired or fried they are. That doesn’t … Continue reading

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Winning the attention of a well-connected agent and major publisher—AND having your novel viewed by the publisher as worthy of considerable investment—isn’t just about writing a good story. That’s part of it (unless you are a celebrity, which automatically propels … Continue reading

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